Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What's your Perfect Moment?

We want to invite you to participate in the Perfect Moment Project.

We all notice times when everything feels just right. Even if the Perfect Moment isn't a happy one, it is one that brought clarity, one in which we were mindful, focused, clear.

We're here to share them.

The idea for this project started to materialize about a year ago when some friends were sitting around complaining about the state of the world. We were talking about problems at our jobs, problems at home, and problems with the world! We were tired of hearing about the shootings, and drug smugglers.

People were upset about being at war. Others were worried mothers being scared to go to the store, because they thought they might get robbed. Some were angry about downsizing at work, escalating gas prices.

We were just plain frustrated. And a pretty grim group.

It was after much bitching and complaining that Sue started to think about times when the world was right! When we felt good about our lives. When things were perfect, if only for a moment....

Sue completes the story:

"That’s when I decided to ask my friends to break things down. I knew we could all remember a moment in our lives when something was perfect. That’s when I was floored. If you could see the looks on everyone’s faces as they remembered one perfect moment, it was transforming.

"All of a sudden, the stress was gone, the anger was gone, the frustration was gone. They all looked years younger as their memories took them back to their perfect moment. They remembered as if they were reliving those perfect moments.

For me, that moment was in 1987 in Show Low Arizona. It was a perfect day, mid 80’s, perfect blue sky on a softball field in the middle of a stand of pine trees. We were playing in the championship game. This was not any ordinary field, it was a perfect field on a perfect day. Perfect red dirt, green grass, the sound of bats hitting balls, and players yelling out directions. There was no outside world, just this game.

It happened in the sixth inning. I was playing in center field, 270 feet from home plate, looking into the sky and thinking that I had never seen the sky so blue. There were two outs, runners on second and third and we were up by two runs. That’s when I heard it, the sound of the bat slamming into the ball. It was headed directly for me. It was one of those balls that was a bit screwy, it was tailing off to my right. I got a good jump on the ball, and I knew that the only way I could catch it was if I dove, but it had to be perfect, because if it got past me, they would tie up the game, and possibly win.

I took off running, and felt I wasn’t even touching the grass, I was running so fast, I was floating. Then I dove, extending my arm, and my glove. I swear I could see the strings on the ball, it was so clear. That’s when it landed in the webbing of my glove, and I slammed into the ground. I couldn’t believe it, I had done it, I had actually caught the ball. As I lay on the grass in the outfield, I looked up at the sky again, and marveled at how blue it was.

We went on to win the game, and the tournament. I have not played on a field as perfect, or on a day as perfect. But, for that moment, on that particular Sunday, it all came together. A day that still brings a smile to my face, and a warm feeling in my gut."

We know that you also have your Perfect Moments and we would love to hear about them from you and share them with others. This project is about feeling good again ... even if only for a moment.

What's your perfect moment? Send it to Perfect Moment Project We'd love to share your stories.

Susan and Robin, Tempe, Arizona

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