Sunday, January 27, 2008

First published novel

Hello, My friend Tiana asked me to be apart of this project and it made my day! It’s really nice to just think about the beautiful things in life every once in a while!

My perfect moment came enclosed in a box....

I had been waiting for this box to arrive for weeks, but if you were to truly ask i had been waiting all my life to get this box.

The day it came was a busy one filled with running errands, making phone calls, being too busy and then there was a knock at the door. I signed for the package, thanked the delivery guy and carried my future to the dining room table.

I cut open the box and there they were -- 20 copies of my very first published novel....

Everything in my life came together in that moment everything that i had been through and dealt with to bring this dream to reality simply made sense.

I held one of the glossy copies in my hand not wanting to even open it and bend the pages and I remember that in that moment i could not have imagined myself happier!

Brandelyn, Calif.

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