Sunday, January 27, 2008

My kids and I would be just fine

My moment was a few years after my divorce. I had pretty much lost everything ... I had to file for bankruptcy; my house had gone into foreclosure and I was left with 3 kids to raise.

I was coming down the Cajon Pass from Victorville, heading towards my friends' home in Riverside with whom we were staying temporarily. I had decided to re-locate and was looking for a home to buy in Riverside.

On this particular day, everything just seemed right in the world.

I had found a home that I really liked that was in a very nice neighborhood with excellent schools. When I set out to buy my home, I never believed that I could find anything like this.

This was a time when homes sold as soon as they came on the market. As a matter of fact, I had put in bids for 2 other homes, but I was always second. This time, I was the first offer.

My loan had been approved and I realized for the first time that I could make it on my own. In that moment, I felt pure joy and elation, because I knew that my kids and I were going to be just fine.

Debra, Riverside, Calif.

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