Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank you, Jesus

I'm not sure where to begin!

My family and I have been through a lot. Since we have been married (1996), we have dealt with 4 car accidents, two back surgeries, three lay-offs, a miscarriage and numerous health issues.

I am a Christian, and am taking my kids to church and talking with them about God. However, my husband is "not sure" if he is saved, which in turn means I don't know. He sure doesn't act like it, but I digress. He is a good man in so many ways, that I have to leave it to God to deal with.

One day, we were talking about a possible job opportunity (he has been laid off for about two-and-a-half years), and he had a spark in his eye that I hadn't seen in a long time....

He actually said " thank you, Jesus" when he was telling me about something possibly happening for him. I couldn't believe my ears, but boy was I thrilled!

I keep playing back that moment in my mind. Especially when I feel like my prayers are going unanswered as far as him giving his life to the Lord.

That three word statement he made gave me hope. The opportunity he was talking about didn't turn into anything. And he is still as stubborn as a mule. But I will always play that back in my head to remind myself that God is working in and through him. And believe me .... God is the ONLY one who can get through that thick skull!

And of course, when I hear my 8 year old talk about God it just touches me to no end! She says "we love God and nothing will ever change that", and "if a bad guy ever told me to stop loving God I would beat him up and tell him NO WAY!". It's cute, but so important. My teenager has a more reserved attitude, but I know He is working through her as well.

Adrienne, Calif.

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