Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Perfect Email from my Student

The beginning of the new school year is now one week old, and I have to admit, I am wiped out! But I got an email from one of my students that once again reminded me why I put in the 12 and 14 hour days!

Carolyn and Anne were two of my journalism students from last year. We pretty much lived together in our lab, turning stories, doing live shots, learning how to be great storytellers, and meet deadlines....

For a solid year I got to work with these two students, and witness their growth as they became seasoned journalists.It was amazing to watch them go from frightened students, to someone who will one day be delivering the days news to thousands.

I also got a chance to then take Carolyn to South Africa for an amazing project this summer, one that taught both of us about the changing world of journalism.

I then sent them out into the world, and held my breath, hoping I had done enough to prepare them for the "real world". They both got jobs, and they are both now reporters for two different stations in Oregon. When they called me to tell me they got their jobs, I was so proud of them. I warned them about being home sick, about taking care of themselves, about making sure they rely on their friends, and making sure they follow all the ethics of journalism. And the most important thing, I told them to make sure they hit their deadlines. I also told them they could call me anytime they need a few words to cheer them up, or if they needed someone to slap them upside the head!

So, when I got this email the other day from Carolyn, I have to admit, I got a bit choked up. Here is the email:

"Hey Sue,

How are you? How's the new school year looking?

Anne and I went out to dinner the other night and decided we owe you a big THANK YOU.

I have no idea how I've managed to do a day turn every single only guess is that I'm always reminding myself of stuff you taught me. Just keep it simple! My writing now is the fastest part of the process. Who would have thought?

Anyways, thank you so much for everything! I'm so lucky to have had you as a teacher before diving into the real world.

And THANK YOU so much for inviting me along to South Africa. It was a huge life changing experience I got really lucky to experience.

I hope you know that I haven't taken it for granted for a second. I know you pulled strings to bring me and I truly appreciate it!

I honestly have thought about thanking you every single day since we boarded the plane. So thank you!"

Is this not a perfect moment or what!

Susan, Tempe

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Lori said...

It must be so rewarding to hear back from a student. Sounds like you really had an impact.

And a wonderful student in Carolyn.

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