Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First semester, first year, pretty scary stuff

Text from my niece on the day her parents head home (to Hawaii), leaving her at college (in Calif.).
"the faculty/staff are all really helpful and nice, seem like they wanna be here for the students so i think ill be fine. psych class right now though."

If a perfect moment means you can breathe a little more deeply knowing your loved one is ok.. then, yes, that was my Perfect Moment today.

Yes, Sara, you're going to be just fine.

Robin, Tempe, Ariz.


Dollface said...

Glad to hear your niece is already feeling comfortable & happy at college! I'm sure she'll have a great semester.

Thanks for your great comment on our blog :-)

Lori said...

An expanding comfort zone, along with caring people, make for a wonderful perfect moment.

Thanks, Robin and Sue, for your very kind words.

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