Saturday, September 20, 2008

We can get a free lunch, Mom!

My sister-in-law's son ran home from school this week very excited about a super deal being offered.

"We can get a free lunch, Mom!" Kyle cried.

Hmmm... free lunch? Is it some kind of contest, a drawing, maybe? Do they pick your name and you get a free lunch?

"No, you just fill out this paper."

Ahhh. That free lunch.

So Debbie summoned her best game to explain how that was very cool, but Kyle did not qualify for the free lunch. That was for kids whose parents couldn't really afford the school lunch. But that's not a bad thing. It's just the way it is.

So those kids are lucky in a way to get a free lunch.

This story gives me an excuse to talk about "The Andy Griffith Show," as if I need an excuse...

It reminds me of my favorite episode: Episode 5: Opie's Charity, which originally aired on Nov 28, 1960... I saw it in reruns.

Here's how it goes:

Andy is embarrassed when he mistakenly believes Opie has donated a total of 3 cents to the Underprivileged Children's Drive.

Andy scolds Opie after learning he's saving money to buy his girlfriend a present. Later, Andy discovers Opie's true intentions: his girlfriend is underprivileged and he is buying her a winter coat because her mom doesn't have the money.

Now, hang with me.. best dialogue:

Andy: Now lookey heah! We better talk about this thing. Now, now, now look here, Opie, you-huh-you can't give a little bitty piddlin' amount like three cents to a worthy cause like the underprivileged children's drive. I, I 'as readin' here just the other day where there's somewhere like four-hundred needy boys in this county alone, or, or, or one-and-a-half boys per square mile.
Opie: There is?
Andy: There sure is.
Opie: I never seen one, paw.
Andy: Never seen one what?
Opie: A half-boy.
Andy: Well it's not really a half a boy, i - it's a ratio.
Opie: Horatio who?
Andy: Not Horatio - a ratio. It's mathematics, 'rithmatic. Look, now Opie, just forget that part of it. Forget the part about the half-a-boy.
Opie: It's pretty hard to forget a thing like that, paw.
Andy: Well, try!
Opie: Poor Horatio.

It goes on....... and the kicker is worth it.

Can't find that one, but here's another one where Andy concludes that Opie is a "pretty outstanding young fella."

Robin, Tempe, Arizona


Lori said...

That was a great episode. Andy and Opie have really big hearts, and their lessons are still good today.

jv said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! This is my favorite episode as well. Always has been! I read things like this and then I understand why my father gets a far look in his eyes, talking about how things used to be.

Thank you so much for this post. It has literally changed my day.

(ps Funny story. My son and I would lie the in the bed at night and watch Andy Griffith together about 8 months ago. He called it the "Handy Griffits Show" and he called Opie Taylor "OkieDay".


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