Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell helps give Barack Obama a perfect weekend

He's a little too busy to write in, but this must have been a Perfect Moment for Barack Obama this weekend.

Just 15 days before the Presidential election, the public endorsement by Colin Powell, Republican and former secretary of state, was the second big boost to Obama Sunday.

The other was the news that his campaign had raised a record $150 million in September.

Speaking afterward, Powell made it clear this was a difficult decision for him. "We need a transformational figure," he said, "a president who is a generational change, That is why I'm supporting Barack Obama."

Obama told a crowd of 10,000 in North Carolina that, "Today, I am beyond honored and deeply humbled to have the support of Gen. Colin Powell."

And then he winked at us at Perfect Moment Project and in that secret way we have and made it clear this was his Perfect Moment.

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Country Comes To Town said...

This is a great endorsement for Obama. Powell's endorsement will offset the whisper campaign and negative ads designed to paint Obama as some sort of scary person. Thank you General Powell!

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