Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Only Two More Elections and then I Can Vote

My nephew says he can't wait until the day he can vote...two elections from now!He is a young black male, and tonight he learned that anything can come true if you want it bad enough, and if you work hard enough.

My sister told me tonight that her son's phone was ringing off the hook, calls from his friends discussing what was going on in the election. He's ten, and he's discussing the election. When I was ten I was discussing playing bottle caps, and marbles.

He was mad because he had to cut off the phones, and leave the TV for awhile to go to church tonight. You see, he's trying out for a speaking part in the Christmas play, and he had to show up to try out. He didn't want to miss out on seeing Barack Obama on TV, but he had made a commitment, and wasn't about to go back on it.

A few hours later he returned home, and my sister Debbie said he came through the door beaming, saying this day could not be any more perfect. Barack Obama was going to be president, and he won the speaking part in the play!

He will remember this day for as long as he lives. He says he knows that this is important. He voted in school, and he voted for Barack Obama. And he told me several reasons as to why he made his decision, not because Obama was a black man, but because he was a good man.

He then asked my sister when he could really vote. She told him he had to be 18 years old. It didn't take long for him to do the math. He said, "Mom, I only have to wait two more elections to vote!" He's right, this day could not be any more perfect!

Sue, Tempe

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Tiana said...

OMG!! I love Kyle. He is so intelligent and I wouldnt be surprised if HE became the president one day. :)

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