Monday, November 10, 2008

A perfect random act of kindness

My aunt has been asking me for months to submit something to the perfect moment project. For months I struggled to think of something worth sharing and after reading some stories I was able to see that I perfect moment can be the smallest thing, so here's my story.:

My freshman year in college was extremely stressful. One day in particular I was stressed over school, money, my boyfriend, the works. Since I lived with eight girls at the time, I went outside to get some privacy and I found my self sitting on a curb crying for about an hour.

I heard countless footsteps and voices approach and stop talking as they passed by me. No one seemed to pay me any mind. As I sat outside crying I heard yet another set of footsteps and I tried to control myself as she passed by but she didn't.

A girl whom I'd never seen before sat next to me and asked me if I wanted to talk about it.

I looked at her, shocked because in the hour that I sat there she was the only one to notice me...

I told her "no" but she introduced herself anyway and told me what room she lived in.

She told me that if I changed my mind I was welcome to go to her room and talk to her.

In that moment my entire day turned around. The random act of a stranger was my perfect moment. :)

Brittani, Riverside, Calif.

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