Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Memory!

I am sitting here this Christmas eve feeling a bit nostalgic. I am sitting here remembering Christmases past, and I am fortunate enougth to have some amazing memories. But there is one night that really stands out, and it all involved the game Kerplunk!

You see, we had a rule, we weren't supposed to go downstairs to the Christmas tree until Mom and Dad led the way downstairs. It was sort of a tradition. They didn't want us to get an early glimpse of any of the stash Santa left for us. So, we would get up at like two O'clock in the morning, check our stockings at the end of the bed to see if Santa had come, and then we would wait, and wait. You know how hard that is for a kid. Waiting for an hour can seem like 8 hours!

Well, this one particular morning my brother and sisters decided we weren't going to wait anymore. We were tired of waiting, and the toys were calling. So there we were, tippy toeing down the stairs, hoping mom wouldn't hear us. We got to the bottom of the stairs and there it was, all the rage.

The Kerplunk game was sitting under the tree, not wrapped, just teasing us, callng us to play a game...

Now, for those of you who don't know what kerplunk is, it's a tube like game, where you have sticks and marbles.

You put in the sticks so they criss cross the tube, and then you put the marbles on top. One by one you pull out the sticks, hoping you don't cause any of the marbles to drop. The person with the fewest marbles at the end wins!

So, here we were at like 2 in the morning, deciding to play kerplunk. In our muddled minds, we somehow convinced ourselves we could play this game quietly!So, there are the four of us, pulling out the sticks, one by one, and prayng the marbles don't drop, and mom doesn't come downstairs.

We were doing a pretty good job, keeping quiet, and laughing behind our hands. But, then it happened, KERPLUNK! My sister pulled the wrong stick, and down came the marbles. I have never heard anything so loud! Bang, Bang, Bang as they slammed against the plastic. I just remember shushing my brothers and sisters, thinking that would somehow make the Kerplunks quieter!

As we shushed each other, we heard it, the sound of mom coming down the stairs. She got to the bottom, and there we all sat, looking like a bunch of deer in the headlights. How in the world did we think we could get away with this! The next thing I know, Mom is yelling at us to get back upstairs before Santa changes his mind and takes everything back. Well, you have never seen four kids move so fast. We had had a taste of kerplunk, and the idea that Santa might take it back was enough to light a fire under our butts, and drive us upstairs back to bed.

I remember lying on top of the covers, waiting until the sun started to shine through the window, knowing we were getting closer to the time when we could officially play Kerplunk!
Sue, Tempe

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