Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wii-ing with my Mom!

Memories, life is all about creating memories that will stay with us for years. And I have to tell you, me wii-ing with my nearly 70 year old mom is a memory I will never forget. Smack talking and Wii-ing as we rang in the New Year, you can't ask for a better time.

(Wish I'd taken pictures, but I was too busy trying to win. That's not my mom.)

First lets start by saying my mother is not the most athletically inclined person I know, as a matter of fact she once got called out for bunting in softball, and she took a full swing! Well, I decided that it was time to give my mother another shot at beating me in something, so I challenged her to a game of wii bowling. Little did I know but that a wii master was hiding inside that little, vulnerable, uncoordinated woman!

There I was, trying to explain to her how to throw the ball down the lane, and how she can use the little arrows to move either to the left or the right. I was the master, and she was the student. Man did that last all of two minutes! The next thing I know there is my Mom throwing a strike down the lane!
She jumped up in the air and let out a little whoop, the first whoop I had heard in years! So, that's when the smack talking started as I told her she was just lucky, and I then proceeded to throw the ball down the lane for a split! I think the Wii gods were taking one out on me!

Then up she comes for the next frame, and I can hardly believe it, another strike!!! She jumped up and let out another whoop, then did this sort of little dance. My Mother! My Mother was doing her own trash talking, my little uncoordinated mother was throwing it back into my face. At this point, I decided to keep any other bowling wii tips to myself because I knew I would need them if I was going to beat this woman!

Well, as I proceeded to stink up the place, and bitch about how the arrows on the lane were not working right, my mother continued to kick my butt! The final score... mom 187, Sue 132. How the heck did that happen? I couldn't believe it, my mother had out trash talked me and out wii-ed me! But I have to admit, I don't really mind because this is one memory that I will treasure.

Sue, Tempe


MudslideMama said...

Heh heh! I love this post. You should have seen how hard it was for us to teach my 94-year old grandma how to use her computer this past Thanksgiving. Maybe I should just get her a Wii instead.

Araldia said...

Thought I would come past and read your project, it is nice that you can share moments with your mother like this :)
Going to have to keep practising to beat her then :)


Lori said...

Love the visuals!

Nothing like smack talk and victory dances to make a set of perfect moments, no matter the age.

Martha said...

What a wonderful Perfect Moment, thanks for sharing. I appreciate the chuckle.

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