Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Death of a South African Journalist

We started this blog last year because we wanted to share some of the great moments in life. We wanted a chance to share stories about perfect moments, whether they are the birth of a child, the perfect catch, or an amazing day spent lazing away on the couch. Perfect moments.

Well, today I want to share some sad news. This week a young journalist that I met last year on a trip to South Africa died in a crash. Her name was Lungile Dlamini. She was an amazing young woman, and would have told amazing stories as a journalist.

I met Lungile on my first night in Johannesburg after I had checked into a dorm room for my stay at Wits University. I was having trouble logging onto a computer, and she was kind enough to try and help me, this stranger from America.

There are two things I really remember about Lungile, her amazing smile, and her committment to becoming a journalist. Over the next two weeks I got a chance to spend time with Lungile, and I tried to absorb her passion for journalism.

I talked one of my students into doing a story on Lungile, as a 21 year old person in the world with a lot to say. We were just able to get the story shot before we had to get back to the states, and I am so happy we got Lungile, and her smile and her passion on tape. Emily Graham put together the story, and she has now posted it on YouTube.

Lungile believed in telling people's stories, and she believed in the goodness in people. Both attributes that I hope will live on in all of us who were fortunate to have known her. As well as those of you who will meet her for the first time in this story.

Susan Green, Tempe


Lori said...

Oh, Sue. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. Not only to you, but to all those she touched.

I can tell by the video that she was a shining light.

My thoughts are with you and with Lungile's family.

Martha said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Visiting for Perfect Moment Monday. I'm also very sorry for your loss. It's so hard to understand why such young and vibrant people lose their lives so early.

Apinda Mpako said...

Hi. I was watching this video again and thought to leave a note.
Lungi was really all kinds of wonderful! Im just sad that her time with us was so so short. It's scary how i still call her and send her texts, hoping that she might reply and this is all a not-so-funny joke. But she's gone.

A million and four Thank Yous' for giving us a chance to hear her voice and see that smile again.

Anonymous said...

hello i konw lungile she was a great person i lokked up to her,the way she was with everyone.she made everyone to feel special and she is forevr in our heart.may everyone who knew her learn from her.and lungile is always going to be missed.

Philisiwe said...

hello i knew lungile,she was a great person full of love and kindness.she one person i looked up to.she taught me a lot of things.which i will never forget.her smile was the best smile.she would smile when she saw you.that is why i am never ever going to forget you,lungile and i miss you dearly.

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