Sunday, May 31, 2009

One senior's final at-bat

OK. Yeah. Nephews again. Well, sometimes they're the best thing going.

Like Saturday. Here's his dad's report from the All-Star game played in the Washington, D.C. Nationals stadium. How cool is that?

Henry had a great game. He played four innings, went one for two with a double and two RBI. Very cool to see him playing in the big stadium too.

Dad took the photos too.

Alright! Henry on the big board. I think we'll call him Hank from here on out.

Field School, varsity baseball, 2009 roster

Proud Auntie Robin, Tempe


Meri said...

Cool celebratory post! Way to go Hank!

Lavender Luz said...

What a rush it must be to see your name on the jumbotron!

Congrats to Hank -- not only is he a baseball star, he also has an awesome aunt!

Cara said...

Wow - what a thrill. I love your project, we should notice these moments everyday.

Sheri said...

The name "Hank" and baseball just seem to go together. :)

I love the idea of Perfect Moments. Since I've started to participate in Lori's Perfect Moment Monday, I notice Perfect Moments all of the time. I seem to be more mindful in all areas of my life.

Great idea! Great project! Thank you!

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