Saturday, June 6, 2009

Unlocking the mysteries of Polyvore:
Designing women

'The Perfect Afternoon' by Grace Phillips

I had no idea the depths of Polyvore. I actually had never heard of Polyvore. You see I don't have a 12-year-old daughter. But I flew into D.C. yesterday and spent a lovely afternoon with my niece Gracie.

I cannot begin to do justice to how exciting Polyvore is. Let me just say this is the land of some great graphic designers: Z0E[the]HiPPiE ♥brooke21♥ Fashion-a-Holic GOLDiELOX™ and many more.

Back in the day, girls (and yes they are mostly girls) had to scrounge magazines, cut them up, find poster board and create collages that, once glued down, were set, uneditable and after a short stint taped on the wall, spent a few dusty years behind the dresser.

With Polyvore, designers can make a super cool collage in minutes and share it with all their friends and Polyvore contacts for ever.

Some of their work is on the next page...

.. this is part of a 3 item set by Fashion-a-Holic

... and a piece by Z0E[the]HiPPiE made for MadMango

... and I will finish with one more by Gracie ( GOLDiELOX™ ) that she made for turtlelover12.

Thanks, Gracie. Love your work.

Robin, temporarily in Washington, D.C.


Lavender Luz said...

These are fabulous in so many ways, but for me, especially, it's the gorgeous use of color.

Never head of it; glad I have now!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

I've never heard of this site. SO cool! Thanks for sharing the info. :)

Alluring Interiors said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My daughter also introduced me to Polyvore...I was completely hooked! Check out some of my pieces within this post...enjoy!

Becky said...

These are great! I don't frequent Polyvore as much I used to, but it's absolutely addictive. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing!

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