Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love Deb & Rene. Hate cancer.

Bald really is beautiful.

Our friend Deb, who is fighting cancer, lost her hair last week. At Sunday morning's Hair Coming Out Party, her friends gathered around to kiss her sexy dome. And what a perfect noggin she has.

Deb and Rene are reading 'Crazy Sexy Cancer' by Kris Carr. I think of Deb when I read Carr's words:

“What I’m saying is that we are still empowered. We are still alive and whole. I might have cancer, but I’m dealing with it and I’m still all that. The most important thing is to have a voice and use it."

You shout it out, Deb.

(Natty umbrella hat provided by Deb's loving uncle.)

Robin & Sue, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

Deb is beautiful. Love the lipstick kisses.

Sending healing thoughts.

Sheri said...

I just came over from Lori's blog and her Perfect Moment Monday post.

Deb is a beautiful woman! You go girl!!

Parenthood For Me said...

How empowering to be so strong.

Sandy said...

What beautiful pictures! She is beautiful and I love the picture covered with kisses.

JLC said...

I have just started reading an amazing blog by a Tribune Media designer who's fighting cancer. Highly recommended.

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