Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does this social media make my butt look big?

Why yes, yes it does.

It's Sunday afternoon. I just put laundry in and realized that there were NO workout clothes at all in the week's laundry. That's pathetic.

Of course, it was a very busy week. I had evening events 3 nights. Flew to and back from Dallas for a workshop. Was on my own for several days so had to get my own dinner, blah, blah, blah.

OK. Sure, but did I get my quota of Tweets and FB updates out this week? Sure. Even blogged a few times.

It's not like I didn't really have time to work out. I just chose to sit on the couch and play with my virtual friends rather than get my butt out the door and move.

So, the Perfect Moment in all this? It came when I realized that I'd gone a full week without working out.

That's when I heard a little voice in my head that sounded just like my mom on many Saturday mornings when I was a kid:

"Go outside and play," the voice said.

No, not, 'take your phone outside and play.'

Nor did it say...
'Oh, look, cool, we've got wifi at the bus stop. Let's hang out here.'

Nope, that little voice clearly said, "Get your butt moving. Your friends and followers will be there when you get back."

So I'm rededicated. I hit my rock bottom. Or was it my Social Media Big Ass Bottom?

Robin, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

That's such a coincidence because I had to force myself to go outside today, even though it was a gorgeous day. The pull of SocMe is so strong!

I'm still here. No matter how big either of ours gets.

Sheri said...

I'd like to design a contraption that can hold your laptop as you do the elliptical, ride a stationary bike, or climb on the stairstepper, etc.

Then I could do both at once (be online and be working on making my butt smaller).

Once I get a prototype, I'd have a HUGE audience to market to online because of all of my social media efforts.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Delenn said...

Often I hear myself saying this to my son. Now I too know that I need to restrain myself from the pull of media!

Martha said...

Hey, we all need downtime to recharge sometimes!

Parenthood For Me said...

I am going away for a week soon and will not bring my computer. It will be hard but I am getting off my butt too.

Melissa said...

I need a social media intervention.. GREAT post!

Kami said...

Good for you! I think a walk just does wonders for my mood - and getting away from all the noise is part of that.

PerfectMomentProject said...

thanks for all the great comments, gang. interesting how much of a draw social media has. guess that shows how much I get from it.
and, Martha, this is much more than a little down time. I'm not just reenergizing. I'm regenerating.

Now, if I can only run with my Twitterberry updating...

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