Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheap but not unpleasant:

I went to New Orleans for work recently and stayed at the very lovely Royal Sonesta Hotel.

I used to book a room for two nights, bringing down an online quote on the hotel's Web site of $210 a night to $140 a night. A sign on the back of the bathroom door indicated that they'd really like to charge much more.

The hotel was beautiful. Full of convention-goers. It is not peak tourist season and I suspect the hotel was happy to have me, another paying guest.

All very nice, but the Perfect Moment came at the end of my stay. When I checked out of the hotel, I asked at the desk whether I could get a receipt for the full account. The desk clerk looked away from me and said in a voice dripping with disdain: "You'll have to call Cheap Hotels Dot Com."

Well, honey. If you didn't charge so much for your lovely rooms, I would have booked directly with you. Thank you for the hospitality. And don't forget, the customer is always right.

Robin, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

Such snobbery!

How wonderful that you got to stay in a luxury room at an affordable price.

I've never been to NO, but I would love to go sometime.

excavator said...


Also, Ms. Snotty Desk Clerk,

You never know when someday $450/night might seem like pocket change to me, and what will I remember about your now affordable hotel? Hmmm?

Look before you leap, honey

Sheri said...

I'm visiting from Weebles Wobblog to check out your Perfect Moment Monday post.

As I read your quote from the desk clerk, I could almost hear the snobbery in his voice and imagine him looking down his nose at you.

If he thinks he's so important, why is he on THAT side of the desk? :)

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