Sunday, January 24, 2010

My nieces and nephews are in protective custody

Love to show you photos of my cute niece and nephew and the newest addition to our family, a little 2-month-old.

But their parents have put them in kiddie protective custody. No photos. No Facebook.

This photo is of Avi and Zev in a somewhat uncharacteristic quiet moment. They are helping each other with crayons. They are adorable. Take my word for it.

And this is Auntie Suzie with the biggest grin on her face as she holds baby K****l. He's got dimples and a super smile and a mean scowl. Just adorable.

Both sets of parents say no photos on the Web. What a shame. I understand their concerns.

But you all miss out. I'd love to share. This photo below of Papa Moshe and 5-year-old Zev is the best I can do. Just after I took this cute snapshot, they started skipping.. but I was so amused and endeared that I didn't even shoot it.

Enjoy what you can see. And, I'd love to hear from other parents about this kiddie protective custody. How do you manage it?

Proud Auntie Robin, Tempe


Savvy Auntie said...

Hi Auntie Robin!
We've hear about this at, and while it's disappointing for those who want to share their favorite people with the world (after all, mom and dad get to walk around with them all the time!) in the end, it's their children / their rules.

Just to show how important it is to us, we ask Savvy Aunties to always as a parent or legal guardian of their niece or nephew before ever posting their photo on

We sympathize with your plight...and it's frustrating, I'm sure. But the respect you'll get from their parents for respecting their guidelines is valuable for "Shalom Bayit" which from the sounds of it... you understand well.

Savvy Auntie AKA Melanie Notkin

PerfectMomentProject said...

Thanks for the input, Savvy Auntie.
I hear ya on the their kids, their rules. absolutely. And I understand the need to protect. I want to protect them too... almost as much as I want to brag about them.

Lavender Luz said...

We are "those" parents, as well. In fact, whenever I take a picture of my kids, they now say, "Don't show my face if this is for your blog, mama!"

We just aren't sure what may develop with online lives. It's the toothpaste out of the tube thing. We can always go out but we can't come back in.

If nothing else, they are already very attuned to Internet privacy.

I bet your nieces/nephews are adorable. How did you do the mottle thing?

Delenn said...

Obviously this is a personal choice. My choice is to not be paranoid. One of the many reasons why I blog/facebook--is to help relatives who live many many miles away to see their grandchildren/neice/nephew, etc. This is the only way they get to see them, so have at them.

Do I worry about my kids privacy--only a little. One reason--kids change constantly. What they look like at 3 years old is no where near what they will like like at 13. Secondly, I am selective...I don't put EVERYTHING up on the blog/facebook. And thirdly, I figure my blog and facebook are but a drop in the vast vast ocean of the internet. So, in a way, they are hidden.

I totally get the privacy thing--I just don't think its necessary in my case.

Rose said...

I understand the concerns. Who wants some predator ogling your kids? But, there are privacy setting and only direct connections can see photos of my kids. And they wouldn't be a "friend" if they were the kind of people to pass along photos of someone else's kids without permission. With family scattered from CA to the UK and the Midwest, this is a great way to let them see the kids w/out expensive prints and photos.
A savyy mommy, Rose, Phoenix

RobinJP said...

Delenn and Rose.. thanks for the comments. I am always a little disappointed that I can't share some of the cute moments with all my friends. Kind of a "see if I had kids, they'd be really cute... " LOL
But, again, as Savvy Auntie says, their kids, their rules.

We'll be looking through old suitcases for photos of these kids sometime down the line. heh-heh.

Martha said...

My family has asked me to not disclose identifying details because of privacy and identity theft issues. It's a balancing act and our boys are 14 and 12, so I think they can make that decision and it can be respected regardless. Thanks for sharing the joy and love of your family.

Furrow said...

Here from Weeble's: It's a weird and uncharted territory, this kids and internet thing. I started posting pics of my child as soon as she was born, but as she's gotten older, I've tapered off and I'm very selective on the ones that I do post. I think that our kids are going to be so immersed in their online lives that most of them won't think twice about their images being out there, but like Lavender said, once they're out there, it's too late. They can't change their minds later.

Kami said...

I love the mottle thing too.

I asked the same question on my blog. I was posting pics when our little one was younger without much concern. After all, babies are pretty generic. Now that our little one is 1.5 years, I have my reservations. I'm not sure why. I don't think any harm would come, but what will be going on 5, 10, 20 years from now?

I have started to try to take pics for the blog world with just partial profiles or just a back shot. We husband posts on FB without reservation, but I just learned that FB reserves the rights to use / sell the photos even though they don't own them. Hmmm . . .

RobinJP said...

Right, Kami,
I'm a little nervous about how much I put on FB. I don't really want them using my image in ads.
Funny territory.. and who says babies are generic? Oh yeah, anyone except the parents. LOL

Thanks for stopping by.

Moshe said...

Im the parent. I don't really have an issue with this blog posting photos, however in the profession I am in I am exposed to quite a lot on the web, especialy concerning kids. As innocent and good intentioned as we all may be there are certainly people out there who are not. I am aware and have seen these people.And to be honest it is, to me, the worst fear that I have.
Paranoid? Maybe. But better safe than sorry.
I have no problem with my sister posting photos on her blog. She would never post anything that I would object too and I am confident that she would remove anything that I found objectionable.
I love you Robin. Dont stress so much about being able to post. Just ask.
And yes I was skipping.

RobinJP said...

Ahhh shucks, Moshe.
Thanks. We'll all try to be safe.

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