Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bonded by daylight and the prospect of winning


A sliver of sun
Window of hope and promise
We begin again

The Denver Post has a haiku contest. While visiting my mom in Denver recently, I spotted it in her paper. She had never noticed the feature in which readers are asked to write a haiku-style poem that fits a weekly theme.

I wrote the haiku you see here. The theme was Daylight. I entered it into the Post's contest. My mom and I were a team.

I entered under her name and she kept an eye on the paper to see if we won. We didn't. We thought my haiku was just smashing. But some woman across town won for a poem that we both agreed was far inferior.

Oh well. My mom and I had lots of fun being bonded by the written word, the newspaper and the potential of being winners.

Robin, Tempe, Arizona

Photos by Flickr users: December Sunset by FictionalFuture, Spring Blossoms by Pink Sherbert, and Parallel Worlds by aloshbennett


Lavender Luz said...

No matter the outcome, the process sounds perfect.

I think yours is wonderful. I'm gonna leave it up on my computer and start my day with it tomorrow.

Way to go, Joyce and Robin!

RobinJP said...

Thanks, Lori,
I'm glad you'll start your day with our 'window of hope and promise.'

Last night I was thinking back on this last week and trying to see what Perfect Moment popped up. It's been such a difficult week in Arizona. We've been the target of such anger because of the new immigration bill.

I skipped last week and drew my inspiration from several weeks ago.. it seems fitting.

We can all start this coming week with hope and promise. We'll begin again.

Martha said...

It sounds like you and your Mom are truly Winners.
Thank you for sharing this lovely moment.

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