Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aunty Camp 2010 is all about robots and fun

Our nephew, Kyle, comes to visit on Sunday for two weeks. He's a super bright, nice kid.

He's coming to Phoenix to visit his aunties, but also to attend Robot Camp at Arizona State University. He had to apply for Robot Camp. Wrote an essay that was more well-thought out and better spelled than some first year reporters I've known could put together.

We're looking forward to having a 12-year-old in the house.

So, today I went out to get a few things to get ready for the visit.

Did I get milk? No.

Granola bars? No.

Fruit rollups (a passion of his last summer)? No.

I got the boy a Super Soaker. A Stream Machine that shoots water a gazillion yards. What more can he want from Aunty Camp than a barrel of laughs, a place where he can eat candy before dinner, a place where he can build robots in the morning and play Yahtzee in the afternoon?

Don't worry. We'll get some snacks, we'll get some milk. And we'll have a barrel of fun.

Robin, Tempe


Jill said...

Everyone needs aunties like you two!

Linda said...

Avi and Zev would LOVE to attend Aunty camp. They'll have to sign up for next summer!

Brittani said...

When do I get to go to aunty camp????


DaisyGal said...

here from PMM...

and I want to come and visit, Can I have a "trip to Payless" every day if I come out???

I love that super soaker, it looks like so much fun!!!!! He's going to have a great time. :)

Delenn said...

That is so flipping awesome! I think you guys will have loads of fun!

Lavender Luz said...

No fair! *I* want to go to Aunty Camp!

He sounds like a wonderful young man. I'm sure he'll have a blast during his visit, and so will you.

Karen Kleinwort said...

I totally laughed out-loud when I read your perfect moment - thank you for sharing and for the great morning belly laugh!

caitsmom said...


Sheri said...

Two of my kids (about the same age as your nephew) are at their Aunty - Grandparents camp this week.

I hope they will still want to come home. :)

Have a great time!

Thanks for sharing your PMM.

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