Friday, August 27, 2010

I held a smiling, happy baby. That's it.

It's amazing how a baby can turn a workplace into a totally different place.

I've worked with my buddy, Micah, for nearly a year. Eight months ago his wife gave birth to a little girl, their first.

I've seen photos. Micah's wife visited with the baby when she was tiny. But I was out that day.

But this week they came by again. And it was so wonderful.

Micah's little baby, Aasha, was all smiles. Her momma brought her in because the family was heading out for a special night together. Aisha was dressed all in pink, with cuuuute pink high-top tennis shoes and a pretty flowered headband.

And she smiled and smiled. She was just adorable. And she made that hour in the office so sweet. I don't even have a picture, because I was playing with a baby. I was preoccupied.

Robin, Phoenix


PerfectMomentProject said...

I have to admit I was jealous when Robin came home and announced she had held a bby that day. There is nothing quite like holding a little one and having them smile at you. Just makes all the bad work stuff go away!!! (sue)

RobinJP said...

Aasha's daddy is amused that I not only mentioned her visit on Facebook but then wrote a blog post.
"This was a pretty big deal for you guys," he just said..a little bemused.
I guess the guy who cares for Aasha daily needs a reminder of just how perfect she is always!

Lavender Luz said...

Don't you just love the way a new baby smells? Especially the top of the head. Mmmmmmmm. So glad you got a baby fix.

micah said...

I think we've found some new baby sitter recruits, Success! =P Yeah we think she's pretty special too. And even though she's only 7 months she can really work her charm. :)

-Aashah's daddy

Anonymous said...

Nothing sweeter than a newborn baby!

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