Monday, August 9, 2010

Watching my mom dance

Sometimes we get so caught up in this thing called life that we forget to appreciate the small moments. Recently I got a reminder from my mother. I talk to my mom several times a week and try to visit her at least once a week. Usually we go out to eat, or to a movie, or shopping. But on Saturday night we went to a friend's Luau party.

She was celebrating her 50th birthday. There was great food, great music and great dancing. It was amazing watching the performers.

But none of them lived up to my mother's performance. She is one of those people who just loves to dance. Can't stop the toe tap when the music starts. And this night was no different.

Watching my mother's face as she felt the music move through her gave me such joy! It reminded me of watching my parents when they used to dance, so in step with each other. He is no longer with us, but that didn't stop her from getting up on that stage. She dipped, and twisted, and side stepped her way through several songs.

She came off the stage towards me and said, "I love to dance", and I said "yes mom, you do"!

Sue, Tempe

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RobinJP said...

This was a great night. She held her own during the hula, but she really shined at the Electric Slide.

Next weekend, we need to get her to a blues club or out for a little R&B.

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