Friday, November 26, 2010

Sharing family recipes, the Thanksgiving edition

Fried turkey, originally uploaded by RobinJP.

My family has always loved a special treat that comes after the big main turkey meal at Thanksgiving.

While other families make turkey sandwiches, the Phillips's fry up some turkey, make toast and spoon on some leftover cranberry sauce.

By fry, I mean put a lot of butter in a pan and on high heat cook up the turkey ... a lot like you'd fry bacon. The crispier the better. Sprinkle on pepper liberally and serve with toast and cranberry sauce. De-licious.

No. 2 great family recipe: Pecan pie. I love my own pecan pie. Am almost always

disappointed when I order a piece of pecan pie out. Never as good. Never the same. Do not put in weird spices... puh-lease.

My family Pecan Pie recipe is one my mom always made. She passed it to me. Who knows.. my grandmother may have used it too. It is not secret. My pecan pie recipe is printed on the label of the Light Karo Syrup bottle. I really should write it down. If they ever stop printing it, I'll be lost. Hah!

So, I'm passing these along. I've had many converts through the years. Go ahead and make fried turkey for your family before the bird is gone.

Robin, Tempe

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Lavender Luz said...

Dish #1 has my whole-hearted endorsement.

Dish #2 surely would, also if not for a pesky nut allergy. :-(

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