Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't you love technology!

Our guest blog today comes from my sister Debra Dudley.She became a first time grandmother a year ago. (I can hear you right now Debbie, saying, Don't tell everyone I am a grandmother!!! But hey, you are and wear it proudly!)

Debbie sent out this message on facebook this morning, and it shows that even though she lives hundreds of miles away technology is allowing her to still share a close relationship with her little guy!

Here is her post:

Just wanted to thank my daughter and son-in-law for letting me share in and interact with my grandson thru Skype. (Technology is wonderful!) I've shared in meal time, play time, story time, Christmas morning and even played virtual catch with my grandson.

(Special thank you for that one, Lal. When he keeps coming back ...and wants to do it again, you know he's having fun too.)

Love you guys!

I love that technology allows me these glimpses into their lives. I feel like I got to play catch as well!

Susan, Tempe


RobinJP said...

I am sure the engineers are working on a Skype babysitting app as we speak. You can play with your cutie while Tiana and Lal head out for dinner. What do you think? Nanny Skype.

Lavender Luz said...

That is one adorable baby, and Debra looks like one happy grandmother. Although she really doesn't look old enough to be a grandmother.

Yay for Skype!

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