Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Schmoo-Year's: Be awesome always

New Year's Resolutions

Or things that might make me feel good this year if I remember to do them.

1. Exercise. Move. My metabolism is slow.. and slowing. I like sweets. Gotta move. Gotta get out.

2. Be more diligent about saving, investing. Remember, I like sweets. And living indoors.

3. Meditate. 2010 was my year to get into guided meditation. I can fly.

4. Read children's books. Even without kids in the house, who can't lighten the mood with a quick round of Dr. Seuss?

5. Call my mother. I am so lucky. 55 and still have both parents. And my mom so loves phone calls.

6. Laugh out loud every day. And if it's going to be at someone, make it at myself.

7. Patience. Count to 10. Take a moment. Let it go. Re-focus. Mini-meditation.

8. Never ever ever go to bed angry. (Do go to bed hungry.)

9. Think more. Share less. Or share in a more focused way. Engage. Don't add to the clutter.

10. Drink more water. This one I can do.

And who needs a day to kick all this off? Let's just try to be awesome ... always.

Robin, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

Mind if I plagiarize your list? It's a goodun!

You are awesome. Always.

RobinJP said...

It's all yours, Lori. Good luck. We'll compare notes sometime in the summer.

Happy New Year.

Kristin said...

Great list! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love the Dr Seuss. Who couldn't use more Dr Seuss in their lives?!?

Lynn said...

I am also a fan of the Dr. Seuss point! The Hubs and I had already talked about starting to collect the Dr. Seuss books this year for that very purpose :D Great minds think alike ;D

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