Friday, April 1, 2011

Too pooped to pop

If it's Jimmy John's sandwich shop, this must be Thursday.

We grocery shop on Sundays and plan out a week full of meals. But sometimes, by Thursday, our little carpool of two takes a detour on the way home for fast food.

We try to stick to higher end fast food.. no McDonald's here. Jimmy John's is a favorite. And they are fast. But last night, not quite fast enough for Sue.

Robin, Tempe


Sheri said...

I love Jimmy John's, especially the sign on the window about delicious smells being FREE.

My favorite is their lettuce wrap.

You are right. That IS a Perfect Moment. Thanks for sharing it!

I'm visiting from to check out your Perfect Moment.

Lavender Luz said...

Too funny!

Sue looks so beautiful, sleeping on sandwiches.

I've never been there, but now I'll have to try Jimmy John's!

Pam @ The Journey Leads Home said...

Looks like a good place to sleep to me. Talk about yummy dreams!!

Popping in from Lori's PMM. Nice to "meet" you. I just posted my PMM entry as well. Swing by anytime.

Happy Monday!


Barb said...

Cute. :) I've never been there!

jjiraffe said...

Ha! The same thing happened to me today: I was waiting at my doctor's office and fell asleep in the lobby. The receptionist had to wake me up.

Love the photo :)

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