Sunday, May 8, 2011

My favorite Mother's day yet!

May 8, 2011, Mother's Day
Every year in May I get the chance to get together with my mother to celebrate her day. Mother's day! These days are becoming even more valuable as my mother begins to deal with some memory problems.

My mother is an amazing woman who has managed to survive losing both her parents as a very young child and being put in an orphanage. Those times ingrained in her the importance of family, and she is our very quiet rock, a woman we could always count on.

Now, we need to be the ones she can count on. Today we took a picture of her by the flowers we got her for Mother's day. What I did not realize until later was that looking down from above her flowers was a drawing done by my father more than 15 years ago. He passed away in 1996.

But today he was here celebrating this day with us. He was here enjoying the smells of the flowers, and the beautiful purple of the iris's.

My mom shares the same name with this flower, and is just as beautiful. I love my mother and I am holding on to her tight, not willing to give in to time or that brutal disease stealing her memory.

Today we went to her favorite restaurant, shared some "girl talk" over breakfast, and then laughed our butts off at the latest Madea movie. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day!

Thanks mom for everything!

Sue, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Iris. I like that your father made his way into the Mother's Day celebration! As it should be.

Thank you for sharing your mom with us, Sue.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

It sounds like a beautiful day! How special that you took the photo with your father represented.

Your Mom is lovely.

Visiting from PMM

Tracy said...

i guess this would have to be the embodiment of what mother's day is here to do. we were given a lot, those of us with good mothers. now it's our turn to give something ourselves, and oh my your dad's presence in this photo is such a good argument for the power of a still frame. it made me wonder how you must have felt when you saw that photo.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful post and photo of your mom with the flowers you gave her and the picture your father made. Definitely some wonderfully perfect moments! I am proud of you making the most of the time you have now with your mom. Thank you for sharing.

I hope that you have a wonderful week with many more perfect moments.

Visiting from PMM

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