Saturday, June 25, 2011

Found the best bread recipes ever

Thank you Food Network.

I baked a carrot, hazelnut bread with cream cheese glaze recently that made my neighbors begin talking about us all going into business.  It was truly awesome, but I give credit to a wonderful new recipe.

I found the mix-and-match recipe in a copy of the May 2011 Food Network magazine and my Perfect Moment this morning was when I finally found it online.
I'm throwing away all other bread recipes.  This is the one.  Because it is mix-and-match, one from column A, two from column B, etc., it's actually a recipe for hundreds of wonderful breads.


Mix-and-Match Quick Bread. 

I know this is much more practical and far less sentimental than most Perfect Moments.  But just try it: Bake, taste, share and ... Perfect Moment.

Robin, Tempe 

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