Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knowing every day we never know

I went for a very long walk today ... Day 1 in 2012 .... and listened to about four songs.

That's four songs in 4.6 miles, walking. I must have listened to "Like You'll Never See Me Again" by Alicia Keys about a gazillion times.

Yes, it's about having limited time here and together and it's about appreciating what you may lose.

But it is really about appreciating what you've got. And about living life to its fullest. Enjoying your perfect moments and knowing that "every day we never know."

"I don't want to forget the present is a gift 
And I don't want to take for granted 
The time you may have here with me 
'Cause Lord only knows another day here's not really guaranteed 

 So every time you hold me 
Hold me like this is the last time 
Every time you kiss me 
Kiss me like you'll never see me again"

So, my long walk on Day 1, which was to set my intent for the year, helped me set my intent for several things. Two of them:
  • Taking long walks and 
  • Never forgetting the present is a gift. 
Happy New Year, everyone. 

Robin, Tempe, Arizona

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Lavender Luz said...

It's so strange. I KNOW that her lyrics are true -- I know it deep in my bones.

But I have to be reminded over and over again to actually live the way she sings about.

Thank you for this reminder. Wishing for you many long walks and many presents in 2012!

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