Sunday, January 22, 2012

Totally Perfect Moment Weekend

The purpose of this blog was to point out Perfect Moment's as we work through our days. But this time I wanted to talk about my Perfect Moment weekend, a weekend full of moments that made me smile, made me outright laugh, made me "feel the inner light" made me envious and made me cheer out loud. Lets just say it was one amazing weekend!

It all began on Friday when I heard this giggle as I was walking through the mall. It was an indoor carousel. You always see those pictures in movies when a kid and their parents are riding on them and having the time of their lives. I can't say as I ever remember riding on a carousel, but I am always intrigued, and they always make me stop and watch. But this time it was the sound of this little boy that drew my attention.

He was all alone on this carousel with his mother, the only ones on the ride. And he held on to that horse and to his mom so tight and was just laughing and laughing. I couldn't help but wish I was on the horse next to him! His infectious laughter made me feel like a kid again, made me remember how much fun it was to enjoy something for the first time, that sheer wonder! I thought to myself, what an amazing way to start my weekend! I walked out of the mall with a big smile on my face!

Saturday I had my perfect day and just lounged around in my pajamas with the person I love watching bad movies. It was fantastic!

This joyful bounty of perfect moments continued on Sunday morning when I went to this yoga class. It was a class where we were concentrating on the heart. As I laid down on the mat, and listened to the instructor tell me to "invite the light" into my heart, I have to admit it gave me an amazing feeling.

I don't know what the heck was going on! You can read anything into it that you want, but what I can say is that I smiled, a big old smile! I couldn't fight this smile that started in my heart and then spread out to my toes and the top of my head. It was quite amazing! And then the class ended with us breathing, and my favorite song playing, Haleluhah! One heck of a Karma moment!

So, then I got in my car and was headed home and stopped at a light, and I was still smiling about my class, when I looked to my left and saw this ... a truck literally covered in mud. At this point I just broke out laughing! What the heck had this truck been doing all weekend that it was literally covered from top to bottom in mud??? All I could think about was it must have been a Perfect Moment for the two kids driving the truck! I wanted to play in the mud as well!

Then, it was time for the icing on my Perfect Moment Weekend... The Giants versus the San Francisco 49'ers.

Now, for those of you who don't know it, I am a huge football fan, especially love the Giants. So, today I did my "smack talking" as my dad would say.

I lived and died many deaths throughout the four-hour game which went into overtime, but lost it when the Giants made that field goal, and are now headed to the Super Bowl! I love this weekend, and wanted you all to share in it with me!

Sue, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

Oh, Sue, I so enjoyed observing all these perfect moments through you. Well, maybe not the mud as much as the yoga ;-)

I can almost hear that child giggling delightfully.


Kathy said...

I am here via Lori's PMM and those are so really wonderful perfect moments that you experienced and captured this weekend! I especially enjoyed hearing about your yoga class and congrats to you on your fav football teams big win!

I hope you have a great week filled with many more perfect moments!

Robin J. Phillips said...

Let's repeat this weekend every week, what do you say?

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