Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perfect paint colors are in the eye of the contractor

We're starting to think about painting the house.


"Somewhere between a healthy Winesap and an unripened Jana."

"You got that, Charlie?"

That's Myrna Loy playing the homeowner with a vivid imagination. She's married to a character played by Cary Grant in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, made in 1948.

This film proves that nothing ever changes. The experience of renovating an old home was the same then as it was for Tom Hands and Shelly Long in The Money Pit in 1986.  As it is today for you and me.

 Mr. Blandings is full of witty dialogue and well worth renting - can't find it streaming anywhere, dang!

I still like the idea of running down to the store for a pound of the best butter to find the perfect sunny, warm shade.

We're still at the stage where we are driving around the neighborhood, seeing what colors and combinations work well on other houses.  Maybe we should head to the grocery store.

  Robin (& Sue), Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

I supposed one gets color inspiration wherever possible!

That's a funny clip. I'm imagining you two going back and forth about different shades of butter. Or, as Mike Myers said "buddah."

I hope you show before and after pix!

(And I hope you link this on July 30. I'll try to remember to do so).

Kathy said...

It is exciting and overwhelming to paint houses, isn't it? We just had ours done this spring! Here is a link to the before and after photos:

Thank you for sharing!

Rebecca Hawkes said...

Good luck! :-)

Esperanza said...

I love the Money Pit. That is a great movie (or I remember it to be). I hope you figure it all out and are happy with the results.

Robin J. Phillips said...

Thanks. everybody. We're still talking. We live in Arizona and when it gets really hot the painters tell us that pain doesn't so much dry, as it bakes. That means it doesn't last as long. So we're waiting for the fall to get started. And I'm sure the painters prefer not to paint when it's 105+.

I'll post photos when we get it done.

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