Wednesday, August 15, 2012

U.S. women really stole the show at the London Olympics 2012

Just wanna play ball.

I replayed this commercial a lot during the Olympics. It served to reinforce all the great athletics we were seeing on the screen.

Amazing fact from the 2012 London Olympics: Only two countries won as many gold medals at the 2012 Olympics as the 29 won by American women.

More on this from a story on Bleacher Report: US Women Stole the Show in London
"That's right, just two countries matched the American women in gold medals. China as a country won 38, while Great Britain took home 29, tying the U.S. ladies. I think it's safe to say that American women dominated these Olympics.

It gets better. The United States women won 58 medals in all, better than all but three countries (China, Russia, Great Britain).

And they topped the men both in gold medals won (29 to 17) and overall medals earned (58 to 45).

Way to hold down the fort, ladies."

Way to play ball, ladies!!

Robin, Tempe

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