Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thank you Lord: Football season has finally arrived!

Are you ready for some football! 

Heading out early to find room at the table.
I can’t get enough of that phrase. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can’t help but get caught up in the hoopla of football that sort of marks the official beginning of the fall season.

For me, it can be a little difficult when it is 115 degrees outside in Phoenix, but hey, I still put on my long sleeve Giants sweatshirt, turn down the air conditioner, plant myself in front of the TV and just veg for the day!

But it can also be a little bittersweet. It is also that moment every year when I remember my father. He passed away 17 years ago, but its still feels like yesterday, especially this time of year. You see, my father and I had a special bond. Come Sunday, football Sunday that is, my dad would bring all the TV’s into the living room and we would watch multiple games on multiple TV’s. There was no picture in picture at that time. Me and my dad, side by side, screaming and hollering and just talking football.

It was our time together, and this time of year I get a little sad thinking he’s not sitting here next to me, but in my mind I can still hear him yelling, and I thank him for taking his young daughter and introducing her to this game that has become such a major part of my life.

Warming up with  NFL Preview: Day 1.
So, today I will pull up to a poker table, watch about 10 screens of games on TV and scream and holler with my new football buddies. None of them can replace my dad, but they are helping to fill the void he left behind when he passed.

So today Dad, I think of you and I thank you for making sure that your daughter understands the importance of the game, the complexities of the game and has the ability to “talk smack” with any of the guys who think they know more about the game than I do. They don’t know I sat at my dad’s knee, learning everything I could about his love of the game and now my love!

Thanks dad for this gift! Now, lets play some football!

Sue, Phoenix

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