Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week No. 5 in my Year of Lunches

Happy New Year, everybody!
I'm well into my Year of Lunches that was kicked off with this Thanksgiving Day Facebook post. Today, I went out with Iris Green, my mother-in-law for her very favorite meal: Fish & Chips.

ME: hmm... they have fish & chips
IRIS: I'llhavefish&chips!
ME: and they have hamburgers...
IRIS: I'llhavefish&chips!

She did.  Fish & chips and a cuppa.  Cup of tea that is.   And it was lovely.

Anyone who wants to keep track of my Year of Lunches, can see the photos on my Flickr page:  Year of Lunches album.

For Iris, this is a little slice of heaven. We had a very nice lunch.

Robin, Phoenix

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