Thursday, May 1, 2008

Perfect moments happen every day, honest

Ok, so here's the deal.
We launched this Web site because we wanted to show that life is not so bad, that even when we think everything is going wrong, it's really not. That something is actually going right, somewhere in the world. We wanted to give you a spot to visit to help you to remember the good in life, to smile for a moment, to maybe forget if that's what you need.

I have been somewhat surprised that since we launched this project, we have come across a lot of friends who are having trouble coming up with a perfect moment. They have told us they haven't had any!

Can you believe that?

We have all had perfect moments when everything has come together exactly right, for one quick moment, it all feels right. But some of our friends and family have gone through life and missed these moments. Sometimes because they were too busy, sometimes because they were too sad, sometimes because they just didn't know what to look for.
I am here to tell you that these moments are happening every day, everywhere. We just have to ...

look, we just have to pay attention. So, that's what I am going to do.
For the next 30 days I am going in search of perfect moments. Either perfect moments I have experienced myself, or perfect moments others have shared with us.
We will have a new moment every day, so we hope you will come back and read them, enjoy them, share them, even write your own. This is a website that we hope can make you smile, even if for only a moment!

Sue, Tempe, Arizona

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