Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Game I Will Never Forget

So here I was laid out on my couch, enjoying my air conditioner as the temperature outside soared to 108 degrees. I couldn't have asked for a better day... me, my couch and the tv tuned to the dodgers diamondbacks game.

I was in a good mood because my Diamondbacks were winning, beating up on the new and improved Manny Dodgers. During the game one of the batters hit a foul ball into the stands, and they showed a picture of this little kid holding his glove. Now, there was no way in hell this kid was ever going to catch a fly ball off the bat of one of these major leaguers, but try telling him that. The look on his face took me back 37 years to my first ever baseball game.It was at this same field, Dodger Stadium.

Now, I come from sort of a poorer family. My Dad was in the military and had like four stripes, and four kids. Lets just say his paycheck didn't go very far. But, he made it go far enough on this particular day, far enough to take us all to Dodger Stadium. I was so excited.
I remember getting up really early that morning and finding my glove so I would be ready when the foul ball came my way.

We drove an hour and a half to the park. I just remember walking up to the ticket window and thinking everything was so big. My father paid for all the tickets, and then we started walking to our seats, and walking, and walking. We were in the cheap seats, the top deck, about half way up. There is no way a ball could even reach that deck, but I remember sitting there in my seat with my glove on my hand ready. And I love my father even more because he knew the ball would never reach us, but he didn't take that away from me. He let me sit there with the expectation that miracle of miracles, it might actually happen.
Well, it didn't. I didn't get a foul ball, but I did get a Dodger dog and that made up for it.

That game day taught me many lessons I have used throughout my life. First, just enjoy the moment. It was a beautiful day, the grass was green, just a few wispy clouds, and a baseball game. It was perfect, and simple.

Second, believe. I believed that that ball would reach my glove. It didn't on that day, but you know, sometimes when we do believe, when we do dream, the ball does reach us, so don't give up on your beliefs.

And last, it's the little things in life that are important. We sat in the dollar seats, and had a Dodger dog and soda for a couple of bucks. For about three dollars I had a day I will never forget.Its not always the most expensive outings that leave the biggest impact. It's the little things.

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