Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love and devotion ... finally coming around

It had been three months since my Love and I had broken up.

We were both at a wedding and trying to act cool. After finally having enough, I went over and said hello. He asked me to dance and we had a perfect evening.

But by the end of that week, the same issues were plaguing us; him not wanting to get married and never knowing if he wanted kids, all of which were deal breakers for me.

So I let my love walk away from me this time and had to turn my face to the future and resist running back to him.

Three more months go by and I finally get asked out by someone. He is a good guy and seems to be everything I am looking for, except that feeling just isn't there.

I push those thoughts out of my head and date him for about a month and keep telling myself 'he is a good guy,' when one night my ex calls me.

I do not answer, but I call him back later telling him to leave me alone.

A few days later he shows up at my house with a gift and words of explanation. He tells me he's done a lot of thinking over these six months and can't stop kicking himself for letting me go.

Seeing him and hearing him say he "will do all it takes to get me back and keep us together" is my perfect moment.

Since then we have been through much together and he has really come through for me, so much more than he ever did before. Our love is not perfect, but our devotion to each other is pretty close.

Lesley, Los Angeles

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