Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Home for the Holidays' ... the perfect kickoff to the season

I originally posted this two years ago. It's still very true. We watched Home for the Holidays tonight. The Christmas season has begun.

Home for the Holidays.
Just watched it. The holidays have begun.
Love this scene cause it's a first date ... and what a first date.

This movie is about the holidays, but it really is a wonderful love story.

At our house, the holidays have not begun until ...

Home for the Holidays has been played.

Robin, Tempe


Judy said...

oh yes, NOW the season can begin! As you know, this is one of my fave movies, and always the perfect way to start the holiday season.

There is just so much familial love and sweet is comforting, yes?

Then there is the perfect start to the movie by Rusted Root -

Lavender Luz said...

I have never seen that movie, but now I must.

Love Holly Hunter. Thanks for turning me on to yet another new holiday tradition!

RobinJP said...

Sorry, Lori, but I've got it out from Netflix and it's not going back until I've rewatched it at least two more times. Suzie sits through the first one with me and then I'm on my own.

Hopefully Netflix has another copy. =)

Sheri said...

I haven't seen it either...guess I'll get in line behind Luz (what's new). Ha ha!

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment.

RobinJP said...

You'll love the movie. It's really well-written, a nice, tight quick-moving story full of laughs. It was filmed in 1995 so some of the fashions are a little dated, but its really fun. Enjoy!

Kristin said...

I have to admit that I've never seen that movie. It looks like a great movie though. Thanks for sharing your tradition and perfect moment.

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