Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do just one good thing for someone this holiday

One good thing is all you need.

That's the message in this blog I stumbled on today. Thank you, Mata H. Simple stories. Huge message.

Read Mata H.'s story about a Perfect Moment that stopped her from feeling sorry for herself and helped her realize that if she had the ability to help, she had an abundance.

As she says:
Imagine -- let's say 1,000 people read this post eventually. And let's imagine that everyone does one thing because of it. That means that we can all be part of A Thousand Good Things.

I will share this with you. She told a story about her sister-in-law, Nancy.

At her work site, Salvation Army puts up an "Angel Tree". Each angel is a paper card with the details of someone's needs on it. You pick a card, and "adopt" a stranger for the holiday. My sister-in-law chose a single father of four children. When asked what he needed, he said "Socks".
I asked why she had chosen him. She said "Well, I figure that for Salvation Army to be dealing with him as a single father, he has to be really poor, beaten down by life so low that he could only ask for socks. I'll bet he is all focussed on what his kids need." I asked what she got him.
"I didn't know anything but his sock size, so I got him 30 pairs of socks -- wool socks, dress socks, athletic socks, argyle socks, fuzzy socks, warm socks, cotton socks. I couldn't really know what else he needed, because I didn't know what size he is -- so I did this to help him Dream Big. The man needs to Dream Big.I wanted to make his socks splendid."

Want more from Mata H.? Check her out.

Robin, Tempe, Arizona

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Lori said...

There is something transformative about getting an unexpected gift. It truly does make one want to pay it forward.

I love Nancy's reasoning, and the energy she sent with the socks.

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