Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day: They call her Mom

There are many ways to help... but this is one we know.. one woman helping kids in South Africa. If you would like to help her out or see what she's doing, check out The Village Safe Haven.

Today is World Aids day, a chance for all of us to take a second out of our day and acknowledge that we still have a huge problem on our hands, and it’s going to take all of us to solve it. I know, I know, that seems a bit overwhelming, but the thing to remember is that we have to break it down and just do what we can, as individuals to try and deal with all the victims of this deadly virus. And today we wanted to introduce you to a very special woman.

Earlier this week we told you the story of one woman named Susan Harris. We met her this summer when we took a group of Arizona State University students to South Africa as part of a project to document the refugee crisis.

It was the most amazing experience, listening to people’s stories, getting the chance to share their stories with the people in America. But it was Susan’s story that really resonated with us. Her story was one of unselfishness.

She had opened her home and her arms to the littlest victims of the AIDS crisis, children who had lost their parents, and at times were found wandering the streets, with nothing and no one to take care of them. ...

But Susan decided that she could do something as one person. She has changed the lives of so many children who walk through her doors. She doesn’t have much to offer in terms of physical things, but what she does have to offer is love, a huge hug and a safe place.

We spoke with her a few days ago and she told us she has taken in even more children since we saw her. Below is the story that my student Jen Wahl produced about Susan and her quest to save these children one at a time.

She has set up an organization to help with the care of these children, as well as others in the community in South Africa where she lives. If you would like to help out Susan and her kids, please check out her site.

See more stories from the trip to Africa and the stories told by broadcast students from Arizona State University at South Africa at the crossroads of hate and hope.

Thank You,

Sue, Tempe


Lori said...

I checked out both of those links, and they are terrific, in style and in substance.

Have these organizations thought about getting involved with the International Baccalaureate programs in K-12 schools? IB schools here are often looking for projects where they can help make a difference.

PerfectMomentProject said...

Thanks for the note, Lori. We'll check that out. Great idea.

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