Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be a part of what makes the world a good place

I'm already counting my blessings this season, thankful for the many, many people who have seen the good in me and made it their business to point it out; who have done nothing but offer encouragement through what has been one of the more tumultuous ordeals of my life; who've pushed me to see beyond my immediate environment and into the world at large -- a world that isn't mostly stifling, blameful or mean.

I was crossing a road last night, and a car came speeding my way. Just then, a little girl broke from her mom's grasp. I dashed in front of the girl, and the car stopped. I'll trade 100 of the ultimately irrelevant moments, I'll step out of the role that others try to get me to play, for just such an instant -- to be a part of what makes the world a good place.

Then again, I'm also thankful for moments like these:

Sammy is roughly 2 1/2 now -- old enough to produce sentences and to understand certain concepts.

But it seems he's already learned sarcasm....

As Lisa put him down Saturday night, he asked her, "Can I please have a sheet?"

"How about a blanket?" Lisa asked.

"How about a sheet?" he shot back.

Li'l B is becoming Li'l Wiseass.

Jerry, West New York, New Jersey


dcgrrl said...

I like your vision. I've been working on bringing out the good in every day, too. Here's another site that seems down your alley... www.operationnice.com/ I think you're nice.

PerfectMomentProject said...

thanks for the note on Perfect Moment Project. I'll take a look at Operation Nice.. although I can't get the image of big fuzzy animal characters out of my head.

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