Thursday, December 18, 2008

One teacher's proudest moment

You know, as a journalist in the business for more than 20 years, I have been honored with several awards, including a Peabody, but I admit I was truly honored today by an invitation to a luncheon from one of my students, Danielle Fernades.
A luncheon to say Thank You!
When I decided to leave the industry and begin teaching, I thought I would miss all the excitement of journalism, the camaraderie of the newsroom, the daily battle to meet deadlines, "getting" the story, being the first to know what is going on. Journalism at its purist. I love it.

When the opportunity arrived to go into the classroom, at first I hesitated, not knowing if I was ready to "give it up".
Man, am I glad I made the decision to teach! I love teaching, I love working with the students, I love holding their feet to the fire, I love giving them a high five when they figure it out. I love teasing them about wearing slippers and hoodies to class...

I love talking to them about their eagerness to return home, and their fears about returning home. I love talking with them about their love life, or lack of it.
I was honored at being able to comfort one student when she got the news that not one, but both of her parents are terminally ill.
I am so privileged that I am in this spot to be able to offer some small form of comfort.
Being a teacher is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs i have ever had. I have been blessed with some amazing students, and they have taught me so much about life. They have reminded me once again about how to play, how to laugh, how to not take everything so seriously.

Today, I received an email from the school notifying me that I had been invited to a luncheon because Danielle had chosen me as the most influential professors in her four years at the University. I am touched.
Whether they know it or not, together these students have been the most influential people in my life.

Sue, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Lori said...

Oh, Sue, this is wonderful. Your students are so lucky that you went into teaching.

My best to Danielle.

And way to go with the Peabody! I'd love to know more about it if you've got that posted somewhere. said...

Congratulations! This is an awesome story and one that is definitely appreciated by this teacher at the end of this semester! :)

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