Monday, March 16, 2009

Is a cup required for tee ball?

So, I am sitting at a tee ball game and I have only one question. Why would the coach of the team have to wear a cup? I mean good lord, do you really need to have a protector on? They are only six years old!

It took me only five minutes before I realized there was a very good reason that coach needed some protection. These young ball players were free swingers, and I am not talking about them going without a jock. Let’s just say that occasionally they whiffed at the tee.

This coach had the most dangerous job on the field. You see, he had to place the ball on the tee before these over eager players took their cuts.

As I sat on the sidelines, yelling with all the other parents, I saw it happening in slow motion. I saw the little 26 inch bat being hefted through the air by the scrawny forearms, with one target in sight, and let’s just say the tee wasn’t the target. As the bat slowly cut through the air, you could see on the coach’s face that it was going to happen, and there was nothing he could do. There is no other sound than that of metal hitting plastic!

Now, I know it says protector, but that thing really didn’t protect anything. I mean come on, metal hurts! The coach tried to man up, and not grab his “upper thigh”, but you know he would give anything to just drop to his knees, and cry like a baby. Anybody got an ice pack!

But no, this coach had some cajones, and I mean some steel ones. He just steeled himself, bent over to the young player and said, hey, make sure I step back before you swing. Then he took a big step back.

He only got hit once on this day, but I am sure it will happen again. From this point on I will never question the need for a cup!

Sue, Tempe, AZ

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