Friday, July 3, 2009

David Lynch's Interview Project .. 3-day tick-tock

David Lynch has started a project to interview people and post a video every three days for a year.

Jess was his first interview. A Vietnam vet originally from Colorado, Jess was found sitting by the side of the road.

The Interview Project started in early June. I am hooked. Will keep watching. Certain to be plenty of Perfect (and not quite so) Moments.

Jess was waiting by the side of the road, getting his trailer fixed so he could go live alone in the desert.

After meeting Jess in California, the interview team heads east through Arizona.

They meet Kee in Tuba City, Arizona. His story is powerful. Native American and gay and proud and alive. Talk about an outsider.

Haven't seen an interview with a woman yet, but there's a month full waiting for me this weekend. I'll savor them. Seems like a perfect thing to do on the Fourth of July.

Robin, Tempe

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