Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bikram Yoga kicked my ...

So, I hit that phase in my life when I decided it was time to try something new. My body was feeling tight and out of wack, so a friend said I needed to try a little yoga. I figured hey, when I was a kid we used to have to stretch out in P.E. class, so I could hang in a yoga class. Little did I know!

My friend Mona told me to meet her at the studio in Tempe, and just bring a towel and some water. No problem! I have survived some of the toughest coaches and trainers during my years as an "athlete", so what's a little stretching in a "studio" hee hee.

Well, I showed up in my t-shirt and shorts, ready for a little workout. I have to admit I felt a little out of place with all the people in their tight shorts and sports bra, But lord knows I am nowhere near ready to let anyone see my stomach! But this wasn't just any old Yoga class, no, this was Bikram yoga. This is the hot yoga. This is where they keep you in a room heated to 105 degrees,
and have you stretch for an hour and a half!

Now, I always thought I was pretty tough, until I went through this class.

I swear to goodness I had already sweated through my shirt, and class had not even begun! We started with some breathing exercises, then began moving into the tough stuff... the standing on one leg, and reaching for the ceiling stuff. How the heck are you supposed to be able to hold on to your foot, reach straight out, oh yeah, and breath at the same time! As I kept questioning my sanity, I looked around and was surrounded by people holding their foot, reaching straight out, and breathing!

I tried to hang in there as long as I could, remembering the words of advice from the woman who welcomed me to class. She told me my only goal is to stay inside the room during the entire class. While I sort of blew it off when she said it, I must admit I was now repeating it as a mantra... stay inside, don't you dare leave the room, you wimp!

Well, I am happy to say I made it through the class, and although it took me about a half an hour to get my trembling legs to carry me to my car after class, I must admit I felt like I accomplished something. I accomplished my goal, I stayed inside the room the entire class!

I am thinking I am going to try another class tomorrow. Who knows, maybe one day I might even be able to grab my foot!

Sue, Tempe


Robin said...

Words to live by: "stay inside, don't you dare leave the room, you wimp!"
Beautiful story. Hang in there, Suze. And keep dreaming about that foot.
I think I'll join you but I've gotta hydrate for a couple of days first.

A. Rose said...

haha. love it! i definitely felt like wimping out several times!

Martha said...

I am proud of you, Wow, that's making me sweat just reading about it.

Bill Stankus said...

I had high school PE that was more strenuous than what the military does - in fact out high school gave demos to the Marines.

Once away from the psycho PE coach I vowed to never take or do a PE type class of any of the insane things we had to do. Like, doing a timed rope climb to the top of the gym using hands only. Or doing the "man, lift and carry" for a mile.

Yoga, as you describe is waaaaay too much, I pass.

~m said...

congratulations! staying in the room can be the biggest obstacle. i've seen teachers who have had to leave the room because they weren't prepared for a class. the biggest things ~ eat right, hydrate well and maintain a regular practise, doesn't matter if it's one day a week, keep at it and you will start to enjoy it! don't worry about what anyone else is doing. just listen to the instructions and only go as far as your body will allow and you'll do great!

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