Sunday, September 6, 2009

Roz Savage lands on terra firma

People often look confused when I talk about my passion for social media .. not really Facebook, but definitely Twitter.
I have met several people on Twitter who have become friends, some in real life (IRL), some from afar, but nonetheless good friends.

One friend has become a weekly touchstone. Another has helped me professionally as I changed jobs recently. Others are people I know to be available if I need them.

Today I was able to watch (from very afar) a wonderful Perfect Moment for an acquaintance on Twitter. Roz Savage doesn't know me. She doesn't even follow me. But I've been there for her as she rowed ... really rowed, paddled, moved over the water under her own steam .. across the Pacific.

Today, Roz Savage landed on the island of Tarawa. Or maybe it's tomorrow. There's that funny dateline issue.

You have to read Roz's description of landing on, er, land.. after 105 days on the water. She pushed off from the Hawaiian Islands before the summer began. And today, she touched land.

Her land legs were a little shaky, and as Roz writes, she was quickly lifted off that sandy beach:

Then two big hunky men in traditional island outfits approached and 
knelt in front of me, forming a cradle with their arms. “Thank heavens 
for local tradition” I thought, as I sank gratefully onto the 
proffered cradle.

So glad to see Roz safe and sound. Near the end of her journey, strong easterly winds made her final miles very difficult. Overexcited and pushing hard to the finish, she expressed her concern near the end in .. what else.. a Twitter to her followers.

This journey wasn't just a personal challenge. Roz is rowing toward a greener future. Check out her thoughts on the environment.

And for more on her travels the past 105 days, check out the Roz tracker.

Roz may not know what I did this summer. But I certainly know what she was up to.

And I'm cool with that.

Robin, Tempe


UncaDoug said...

This is a wonderful summary ... thanks for including the link in your comment on Roz's post. I like the concept of your website too. Will explore more.

PerfectMomentProject said...

thanks for stopping by, UncaDoug. come back anytime... and feel free to shoot us a Perfect Moment of your own. We'll share it.

Isn't Roz amazing?

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Challenges like this are one of the best uses I've seen for Twitter. I've been following Eddie Izzard as he runs the equivalent of a marathon every day for more than a month and counting, all over Britain -- the same time frame as I've been on bedrest!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I <3 Twitter, too, for the same reasons you mention ;-)

Roz's feat is aMAZing. Thanks for alerting me to her.


PerfectMomentProject said...

Thanks for the note about Eddie Izzard, Cassandra. I didn't know he was doing that sort of fundraising effort.
I just checked his page and now I'm following him. ... while I watch Roz's plans for the next leg of her journey take shape. ;=)

jenniferro10 said...
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jenniferro10 said...

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