Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7 turned out to be God's perfect number

As a parent, I give thanks every day that I'm able to share this story, with this ending. It doesn't get any more perfect than this....

Last Sunday, the pastor at my church got up and spoke to the congregation. He started with, "You know how at the end of every service I pray that the angels watch over you as you travel the highways, railways and airways and that when we return here, we will be so mindful as to give you all the praise and glory....."

He proceeded to tell the story about Friday night, when seven young ladies (daughters of the church) were going down the 60 freeway. They were following behind a car and the car in front of them swerved. The driver wondered why the car swerved and then she saw what she thought was a grocery cart in the middle of the lane.

It turned out to be a metal framed futon. She swerved to avoid it and lost control of the SUV. It spun, and spun and she said that she could no longer hold on to the wheel and she said a prayer and put it in God's hands - whatever His plan was for them.

Well the SUV continued to spin and then it flipped over and hit the center divider. The girls were left hanging by their seat belts upside down. The guy that was in front of them, jumped out of his car and with a flashlight, he waved the other cars down so that no one would hit them because they were now facing oncoming traffic.

The girls started talking to each other and realized everyone was still alive. Miraculously, they all were able to get out of the car. Later when they were talking to one of the officers on the scene, he said from the condition of the car, there was no way they should have walked away from that alive. The girls ended up with some scratches, bruises and a sprained wrist.

The driver is about 26 and the rest are all college age. Two of them are my daughter Brittani's best friends and they do everything together. Brittani was supposed to go with them, but she was late getting back so they left her.

If Brittani had gone, there would have been eight of them in the car and there were only 7 seat belts and one of them wouldn't have had one. (As the pastor said, 7 is God's perfect number.)

Needless to say, it was a very emotional service last Sunday and such a testimony of God's presence in our lives. The guardian angels were definitely working overtime and I am so grateful.

Debra D., Riverside, Calif.

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