Saturday, August 29, 2009

Never too hot to have a wonderful day

98 degrees turn to 108.

Run turned to walk.

Black-eyed Peas turned to Jose Gonzalez.

Space-time expectations readjusted.

Goal to have a wonderful day met.

I slowed my run. Waved at my neighbors. Checked out some flowers. Slowed down my world.

I've been running for more than 25 years. A mantra that my very first running partner, Rene, shared was 'Nevermind the speed, just do the distance.'

A few years ago, I learned the lesson that there is no shame in walking. Sounds a little obvious, but that is a big deal to many runners.

Today, I felt so good turning my run into a nice long walk without any disappointment. It was OK to readjust my little goal and keep a bigger goal on track.

Nevermind the speed. Just do the distance.

Robin, Tempe


PerfectMomentProject said...

my only goal was to go to yoga. i went, and i feel great! What a great day!

Kristin said...

What a great mantra.

JJ said...

Awesome to go the distance=)

Lavender Luz said...

'Nevermind the speed, just do the distance.'


And the video, too. Beautiful song.

Delenn said...

Wonderful sentiments.

Parenthood For Me said...

I have been a walker since a young girl. I learned to walk for exercise from my mother.

RobinJP said...

Thanks for the great support today, everyone. I'll make sure Rene reads these. Her words can travel with all of us.

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