Sunday, January 31, 2010

Olympic Dreams come True

With the beginning of the spring semester, things have been a bit hectic the past couple of weeks. Trying to teach new students the ropes, and trying to teach older students that there are new expectations can be a bit trying. But It was all worth it on Thursday when I got a chance to make dreams come true for not one, but for two students!

You see, unexpectedly we got the opportunity to send two students to the Olympics to cover the winter games. I still want to go to the Olympics in my lifetime, never mind sending my students. And don't think that for a moment I didn't think that maybe I could dye the gray out of my hair and pass for one of the kids. (Not realistic, but hey a girl can dream!)

We took a look at all our students and tried to decide who deserved this opportunity, and it came down to a young man and a young woman, both who had worked really hard last semester, and didn't get a lot of recognition. But these two are the type of journalists I would want to hire for my newsroom because they go out day in and day out, challenge themselves, and are passionate about what they do. I love working with students like this, and I love rewarding them as well.

Well, on Thursday I got to surprise them with the news. Mike was the first one I called. First I asked if his passport was up to date, and then I told him we were sending him to Vancouver for the Olympics. Not a peep. Not one word came from the phone. It was so quiet I thought I lost the signal. "Mike, did you hear me?" After about two seconds he finally answered, "I can't breath!" It took several minutes for me to convince him that I was telling the truth and this was no joke.

Then, my second meeting, this one with Tara. She sat across from me in the office, and her eyes just got huge when I told her. No sound, just big eyes and an open mouth! I couldn't help but laugh. It doesn't happen every day that you get to watch as someone gets a unexpected opportunity dropped in their lap, an opportunity that will change their lives.

I am still smiling right now thinking about their reactions. They were genuinely surprised, excited and thankful and I am so proud of them. I will link to some of the stories they file from Vancouver in three weeks so you can share in their excitement as well.

I love my job!

Sue Green, Tempe, AZ


Lavender Luz said...

This is one of those things where giving such news was almost as awesome as receiving that news.

So happy for your students! I bet you're so proud of them.

Sheri said...

I'm visiting from Lori's Perfect Moment Monday ( to check out your Perfect Moment!

It's so exciting to be the bearer of good news.

I would be speechless too! Chance of a lifetime.


Parenthood For Me said...

That must have been great being able to give them such great news.

pink said...

We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................

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